Corporate Background

Kinetica Solar was established in 2012 to serve the UK’s renewable energy industry.  It is a privately held UK solar energy company with offices in Manchester and Cardiff.  Kinetica Solar is a sister company of the wind development company Kinetica Energy. Kinetica Solar was formed to create a separate entity to focus exclusively on the solar market.

Kinetica Solar finances fully the entire process of solar park installation, through from the initial site assessment, planning and construction to the on-going maintenance. Our installations reflect a localised approach to the generation of green energy and are sympathetic to the landscape character and ecology.  Kinetica Solar takes pride in working in partnership with the local community on its projects to deliver significant benefits for all stakeholders.

Kinetica Solar is also the sister company of Eco2 Ltd, a renewable energy company that specialises in consenting, financing and operating large scale renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe. Current activities involve Biomass, Wind and emerging technologies such as Tidal Power.



The Team

Based in Manchester and Cardiff, our team of staff are supported by valued experienced suppliers and consultants who successfully work with a number of project stakeholders throughout the UK.

The Kinetica Solar team has a wealth of experience within the renewable sector and the company prides itself by using experienced professionals in all areas of the project development to complement other notable skill sets. These include site acquisition, project management and operational strengths.



Company Vision

Kinetica Solar aim to create a portfolio of renewable energy generating assets that attract government backed long term income, whilst integrating significant benefits into our projects for all our stakeholders.


Equal Opportunities

Kinetica Solar is an equal opportunity employer. The Company is committed to ensuring that the framework of the law is complied with, our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or similar belief, sex, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, age or disability (the “Protected Characteristics”).

Our ethos is fairness and equality, the team aims to embrace this culture when advocating internal and external best practices.