Roanhead Farm, Barrow-in-Furness


The Roanhead Solar PV development site is situated in the Barrow-in-Furness Council Area, between Askam-in-Furness and Dalton-in-Furness. The development site consists of the installation of a solar energy farm on three adjoining fields, separated by hedgerows. The existing boundary landscaping features would be retained and enhanced as part of the scheme, with new hedgerow planting to reinforce selected field margins.

  • Roanhead Farm, Barrow-in-Furness
  • 37.5 acres
  • 6.5MW
  • Over 1400 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented annually
  • 1,950 homes powered

The site is currently grazing land, and will continue to be used for grazing between the panels. A major advantage of this site is the minimal impact it has on the landscape, due to it being well hiddden.

Raventhorpe Farm, Scunthorpe


The Raventhorpe Solar PV development site is situated in the North Lincolnshire Council Area, approximately 6km South East from the centre of Scunthorpe. The site comprises five fields currently used for arable farming purposes and is adjacent to a large industrial steel plant. The site is well screened by mature trees.

  • Raventhorpe Farm, Scunthorpe
  • 189 acres
  • 38MW

Meetings have been held with a number of Council Officers, including the head of development, environmental protection officer, highways officer and senior planning officer. Positive feedback and comments were received on the cultural heritage, landscape, ecology, transport and community engagement aspects of the proposal.

Pentre Farm, Llannon


The Pentre Solar PV development is situated in the Carmarthenshire Council Area, approximately 8.5km north from Llanelli, and approximately 0.4 km west from the village of Llannon. The site comprises three fields currently used  for agricultural purposes, principally for silage and grazing of cattle.

  • Pentre Farm, Llannon
  • 30¬†acres
  • 5.5MW
  • Planning:
    • Carmarnethshire County Council
    • Planning Application number: S/27526
    • Date planning approved: 18th December 2012
  • Over 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented annually
  • 1,200 homes powered

Location Map

Non Technical Summary

Planning Application Approval Document

North Tawton


The proposed site would have been comprised of 6 gently sloping arable fields, situated to the west of North Tawton. The planning application was refused in early January 2016.

  • North Tawton, Devon
  • 140 acres
  • 22MW
  • potential to deliver carbon savings of up to 250,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum
  • 6000 homes powered

Location map

Burnt Ash Farm, Wix

Burnt Ash Farm, Wix is situated in the Tendering district of Essex approximately 8km West of Harwich and approximately 6km South East from the town of Manngitree. The site was refused planning permission by the Planning Inspectorate in mid-September 2015.

  • Burnt Ash Farm, Wix
  • 60 Acres
  • 13.5 MW
  • Over 164,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented annually.
  • 3,400 homes powered
  • Application submitted for planning November 2013
  • Low visual impact
  • Designed to allow sheep to graze the land within the solar park.

Location map and photo montage.