Community Engagement

iStock_000019045184SmallWe believe an integral part of solar development is the involvement of the host community.  Solar Farms will attract great benefits and facilitate enhancements within the local community.  As part of the project process, we will visit and engage with local parishes, schools, community centres and/or local interest groups.  When progressing with a project, our community team will conduct a study of the local area and arrange meetings with relevant stakeholders to discuss our proposal.


Once a project is consented Kinetica Solar is in a position to share the financial benefit with the community in the form of a ‘community benefit fund’.



All Kinetica projects attract community benefit initiatives.


This could be a single payment once the electricity has started being generated or it could be a percentage of the revenue generated, paid each year to the local parish council or other nominated group.

We are particularly interested in assisting with community projects involved with carbon reduction strategies, renewable education projects and fuel poverty. However this is by no way an exhaustive or exclusive project list and we welcome input from stakeholders.